Three Is The Magic Number

Hot Springs, Arkansas
A man and a woman had a little baby Yeah they did And there were three in the family And thats a magic number ~Blind Melon

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Here are a few cute things Laney had to say in June:

Mommy: “Laney, do you want to go to bedtime stories at the library tonight?”
Laney: “Um, I want to go to the dollar store.”
Mommy: “Are you good and rested this morning?”
Laney: “Yes, like the Tin Man.”
It took me a second to figure out she thought I said rusted. So I took this opportunity to explain the difference, I was even sounding out the different vowel sounds and she was repeating me. So I asked again.
Mommy: “Are you rested this morning?”
Laney: “Like the Tin Man? What about the Scarecrow? What does Laney have to eat?”
The conversation was obviously over, and I must not have explained the difference between rest and rust very good.
Daddy: “Do you want to go on a boat ride?”
Laney:”No, I want to go swimming.”
Daddy: “Mommy and Daddy want to go on a boat ride. Don’t you want to go with us?”
Laney: “Ya’ll can go on a boat ride and I’ll stay here and swim.”
Laney: “Daddy go change clothes. Do you not know where your bathroom is?”
Mommy: “Stop messing with your tutee.”
Laney: “There’s something in there.”
Mommy: “What?”
Laney: “Sprinkles.”
Laney: “Turn this song off, I don’t like this song.”
At the Colbie Caillat concert
Laney: “I'm getting a pig for Christmas. A pink one. And its going to scare my doggies.”

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dora Dora Dora the Explorer

Laney love live production ... she has been to 1) Doodlebops 2) Sesame Street Live 3) Dora Live & 4) Miss Arkansas. She is so good during them and is in ahh and just I can't even tell you how excited she gets about them. We are planning on taking her to Wizard of Oz at the pocket theater (local group) in October then maybe to see it at the Orpheum in Memphis in December (don't think I'm bad that she will be scared ... she LOVES Oz ... its her birthday party theme ... and quite possibly her favorite movie). Here are some pictures of her at Dora ... no cameras please!

She also just got one of her birthday presents from us ... a slide with pool. We gave it to her early so she could get some good play time on it and because we are going to let the kids use it at her party.

To splint or not to splint ... Miss Arkansas

First let me update you on my still hurting thumb! Doc said no broken bones ... well I knew that. Just some probable torn ligaments and tendons ... here were this splint (that is making my thumb hurt in a totally different way) and put ice on it every night and take Advil regularly. If its not better by next Wednesday you will need to see an Ortho doc. Okay fine. I do have to say the splint has made what was hurting go away, but there is a whole new pain, whatever, I don't know what's better .... the spilt or none. I think today I'm going to go without and see what happens. I hate it for one, look at me trying to put lipstick on Laney that she so desperately wanted before we went to the Miss Arkansas Pageant.
So, the Miss Arkansas pageant was fantastic. Laney loved it and stuck it out for 2.5 hours before she was ready to leave. I wasn't sure if she would even like it. Our tickets were really good on the aisle and she could see great. All week she has been talking about seeing the "princesses and dancing girls." As soon as we got home from work/school she asked if she could pick out a crown to wear, so we did, then she asked if she could pick out her dress, so we did, then she asked if she could pick out my dress, so we did. We just had to wait like 3 hours to go. She was such a comedian commenting on the girls ... the lady in front of us told me at intermission that Laney was cracking her up!! Lots and lots of people commented on how cute Laney was and ohhed and ahhed over her and of course I LOVE that! First was swimsuit (Laney kept asking me if they were going swimming:) then was talent which Laney loved, most of them danced and there was some good dancing ... that's my favorite talent I guess because I actually know what they are doing and what is hard. It was obviously Laney's favorite too, because about 6 into evening gown she said she was ready to leave because the girls aren't dancing anymore. I think she would have lasted through the whole thing if they weren't asking each contestant a question ... I think Laney got bored with that. I will have to look at the paper today to see who won last night's preliminary. Tonight is the actual pageant for the top 10 but me and Kevin have a date so we couldn't go tonight. Next year though I will take her to the top 10. I am so glad she had a good time! My mom and I used to make it a girls trip and come to Hot Springs for the final night. I am so blessed to live in Hot Springs so we can just hop over there and watch whenever we like ...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Terrible Terrible

I have been terrible about updating this thing. What is wrong with me? How is it I remember to do EVERYTHING else I need to do but this? I need to put it on my calendar. I just get so busy living life and loving every minute of it that I totally forget. And it is really bad when I say to myself or Kevin I have to blog about this ... and then never do. This one has to be quick because there is no need to type while my thumb is throbbing unless it is for work. So, I jammed my thumb ... crazy funny story: 4th of July weekend, contest with some family running around the "pirate ship," I slid into Kevin, my arm went under him and my thumb got jammed ... and it is still hurting ... I can't turn on the car the normal way, peel fruit, pick Laney up, type ... nothing that needs to be done with the 2nd joint on my thumb without it hurting. DOCTOR I'm coming to see you tomorrow morning. FIX my thumb. I really didn't even realize how much of a necessity a thumb is until now. I even teared up putting Laney into her car seat on Saturday ... she was sad for me and put (imaginary, and the best kind) of sticky tape on it in the car so it would feel better ... funny how that tape at that particular time did make it feel better --- I must say this wouldn't have happened if the car next to us didn't park TOO close to us at Wal-Mart, ugh! Everyone else is great at our house. I love Kevin and Laney very much and love just spending time with them. They are both comedians so they keep me laughing. Okay, that's all for now, I will let you all know about my thumb tomorrow!