Three Is The Magic Number

Hot Springs, Arkansas
A man and a woman had a little baby Yeah they did And there were three in the family And thats a magic number ~Blind Melon

Friday, April 17, 2009

Catching Up

It feels like I haven't blogged in forever ... but I have, it has just been a really busy last two weeks. To start it off my better half made the turn into adult-hood ... yes he turned 30. He actually didn't have an issue with it and for that I was thankful, but I just can't help but think dang he's not in his twenties anymore. I mean I really don't mind getting older, however I can't imagine not marking boxes on forms that don't start with a 2 ... I mean seriously I forget how old I am sometimes when filling that kind of thing out and mark like the 24-26 box and stuff ... hello ... not that age anymore. And I wonder just because I am having these thoughts now, will they go away or intensify by September 2010. I hope go away ... I know age is just a number and by no means do I feel my age (hence marking the wrong box) thankfully! Anyway, so for my wonderful hubby his birthday present from me was a 3 day trip to St. Louis to see Cardinals Opening Day. It was a fab time and its nice to get away just the two of us to reconnect and be able to enjoy just simply, each other's company. While we lived in The Lou (which ironically is also Laney's nickname) we never went to an opening day, just the festivities so we were super pumped and knew we were taking a gamble with what the weather would be like. But as you can see, it was HELLO Freezing the day of the game ... and yes that's right folks it was snowing ... but we had so much fun, very memorable.

When we got back on Tuesday we met her and Gigi (Kevin's Mom) in Caddo Valley then we got home to Hot Springs around 5:30 and got ourselves ready for the rest of the week ... Laney was getting tubes in her ears on Thursday. She just started having ear infections around October ... never had them as a baby so she was just know getting tubes (Tristan also got tubes this week ... goodness). Pics are from that day. And let me tell you what a trooper we have, she was fabulous, didn't have to sleep it off or anything and felt fine. Now the ear drops we had to give her well, it was Wrestle Mania in our house the first few times and the first time we put ear plugs in for bath ... I really think the neighbors think I was murdering her, but finally (thank the Good Lord) she calmed down. I hope it gets better, we are at the lake all summer and she is a water baby and is going to have to wear those every time she swims till they fall out. She has always been weird about her ears. She has never wanted me to mess with them, all before tubes or ear infections.

Then on Thursday family began making their way to the Spa City for the Arkansas Derby and Easter. Saturday was beautiful and Sunday, um not so much. We hunted eggs in the house. It was a good time.

Thought I would leave you with these 2 pictures that have nothing to do with anything I've written about.

Has anyone ever heard of a Golden Retriever loving a Rocker Recliner ... Minnie loves it here.

And I just love this ... I love them both more than I could ever convey. They are both the be all that ends all!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

March Laneyism's

Here are a few cute things Laney had to say in March.

Laney: “Let me take your picture.”
Mommy: “Okay.”
She takes the pretend picture on her play cell phone that has a picture of Cinderella on the face. She looks at the picture.
Laney: “That is a very nice picture.”

Laney: “It’s okay baby.”
To Tristan when he started to fuss when she was smothering him with kisses.

Laney: “I don’t think he needs his paci anymore.”
Tristan was crying and then after he got his paci he stopped and she thought he was done with it.

Laney: “He’s being ugly.”
Laney told me very loudly at the library about a kid we didn’t know who was pestering his sister. Everyone including the parents laughed.

“That was a little one. That was a big one. Let me look at my big poop. I just peeped on my poop, let me look.”
While she was potting she was providing a play-by-play.

Laney: “Um, that's good pudding!”
Daddy: “How do you know you haven’t even eaten it yet?”
Laney: “I like pudding ... And I like applesauce.”

Mommy: “Dear Jesus, make Laney a better woman than me.”
Laney: “I’m not gonna be a woman. I’m a big girl.”

Laney: “I have on a dress. I don’t think you can wear flip flops with a dress, because it’s a dress.”