Three Is The Magic Number

Hot Springs, Arkansas
A man and a woman had a little baby Yeah they did And there were three in the family And thats a magic number ~Blind Melon

Friday, September 26, 2008

Mark your calendar and join the Chamber for the 34th Annual Arkansas Oktoberfest! Bring your family and friends … and don’t be shy … tell everyone you know about it. Click here to buy tickets now!

Laney and I at last year's Oktoberfest ... my my how things change in a year.

Where's Laney's room?

So we began our move into our new house a week ago today. And we are all in pictures on the walls and everything. We have a little left to do but should have it all done this weekend. Which is nice since the next few weekends are full of activities. Let me know if you want our new address ... I will send it to you ... after all it is almost Christmas card time (I cannot believe it (for those of you with kids that was said in the tone Leo says on Little Einsteins, haha)). Anyway, our Internet at home is still not working so I haven't blogged any pictures of the beach or our new house, but as soon as it is up and running I will send pictures.

A funny Laney story: So our new house is quiet a bit larger than our old house and essentially Laney has 2 rooms ... her bedroom and a playroom. Last Saturday when we were moving her and Gigi came for a visit to see what we had accomplished. She was playing in her new play room for a while. Then she came out in the great room (which has a fireplace in the middle that you can see from both sides, walk around it if you will) and she was running around it and then looked at me and said "Where is Laney's room?" so I pointed to her bed room ... and she walked in there and then right back out and said "That's not Laney's room!" She looked so perplexed as she keep walking around trying to find her room. Then she pointed to the play room and said "There it is!" and was so proud that she found her way and wasn't lost anymore ... cutie!

Let me assure you she knows where both of her rooms are now:)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Leaving Indy

I am leaving Indy today... so ready to get home. Our flight leaves here at 12:30 (CST) and will get to LR at 4:40 ... We are flying from here to Detroit and have 30 minutes from the time we land there till we take off ... Pray our flight from Indy to Detroit is ON TIME! So as we leave here, Hot Springs is preparing for another hurricane ... crazy how we don't live near the ocean but we are on track to so far have 2 hurricane's in Hot Springs. Goodness. I hope it holds off ... we want to take Laney to the fair in the morning. Ta-ta for now:)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Woo Pig Sooie

We didn't get back till late Friday, so Laney and I didn't go to the Razorback game ... but that didn't stop us from dressing the part.

Monday, September 8, 2008

New Friend

So I am in Indianapolis. Kevin is taking care of Laney while I'm away.

He calls this afternoon and tells me the following story about our very smart 2 year old (who is in a new class with new kids). "When I went in to get Laney from school today she said 'Daddy this is Noah.' I said to Noah 'Is your name Noah?' and she said 'This is Noah.' She made a new friend and introduced us this afternoon,"Kevin told me. And ... OMG ... how cute, my heart was melting. Then he proceeded to tell me ... "When we were in the car on the way home she first asked for a book to look at so I gave her one then she said 'Daddy sing,' so I was singing then she said 'Sing loud,' so I did and then she told me 'Don't sing too loud I'm trying to read.'" ... OMG now I'm really melting, she is so smart and has such a great vocabulary ... we are so proud.

We just got back on Friday from our first beach trip with Laney. I do want to tell you about it and add pictures, but they are on my laptop at home (as opposed to my work laptop which I have with me) so until I get back home the posting will have to wait,however, I will say we had an absolutely wonderful time, Laney loved the beach and the ocean and she was an amazing doll the whole time. But I will write about our adventures soon, I promise.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Special Purpose

This blog is here to show our friends and family what we are up to ... so here moving forward you can check back here to see what Kevin, Amanda & Laney (the most adorable, unbelievably smart and sweet as honey little girl) are up to. We are going to share our joys, love and laughter with you through words, pictures and video (don't you just love technology!). Ta-ta for now!