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A man and a woman had a little baby Yeah they did And there were three in the family And thats a magic number ~Blind Melon

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What Laney said ...

2 cute things out of Laney's mouth in September (only 2 ... I must not have done a great job writing them down.)

Let me start this one by saying I LOVE reading Goodnight Moon to Laney, it is my favorite to read to her ... always has been ... she is getting smarter ... kind of made me sad though ...
"Houses don’t sleep, red balloons don’t sleep, that stuff doesn’t sleep, why are we telling it goodnight?”

Kevin: "Why did you make a mess?"
Laney: "Because Jesus said so."
Kevin: "Jesus said what?"
Laney: "He said to make a mess."
Let's just say Kevin didn't know what to say so he left it at that.

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